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Do your customers know what they get for the money they spend? From sales to customer success, Ecosystems' SaaS platform ensures you never talk cost before connecting on value.

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Web Value Calculator

Engage qualified buyers with an interactive view of your value

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Connect your customer’s business objectives to relevant solutions

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Collaborative Value Assessment

Co-create an interactive business case to win customers

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Collaborative Success Plan

Retain and grow customers with a joint planning environment


Eco Web Services

Embed a value experience directly into your product or customer portal


Value Assessment

Win customers with a bulletproof business case

  • Guide prospects through their buying journey with targeted messaging based on customer persona, industry, or other attributes
  • Immerse customers in value dialogue through live collaboration
  • Provide customers with a holistic view of value (including ROI, TCO, and non-monetized elements like risk mitigation)
  • Set the foundation for tracking value delivered after the sale
Business Impact Summary Dashboard

Value Realization

  • Earn the right to retain and grow by tracking and consenting on the actual value your customers experience.
  • Seamlessly pivot from pre-sales conversations on anticipated value to post-sale value tracking
  • Turn the customer’s value journey into a digital record shared by both Sales and Customer Success
  • Establish customer consent and co-ownership through collaborative cloud access
  • Ensure every renewal conversation is supported by tangible customer value
Customer Success Screen

Value Benchmarking

  • Harvest insights across customers on anticipated and recognized value.
  • Leverage cross-customer averages on recognized value to validate market messaging
  • Use empirical results to set intelligent defaults for the next generation of customer conversations
  • Track benchmarks and value trends by industry
  • Align the value messaging consumed by the field with product marketing campaigns
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Value Engineering

  • Leverage Ecosystems’ authoring toolkit to digitize and scale the distribution of value messaging.
  • Convert spreadsheet-based ROI/TCO models into a modular library of value templates
  • Digitize and distribute case studies, proof points, and other qualitative sources of customer value
  • Benefit from a central content library, while retaining the agility for deal-specific messaging
  • Tag content to solutions, industries, personas, and more to enable the automated retrieval of relevant messaging for the field
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Seamless Integrations with the software you rely on

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Scale Customer Value by 10x

Introducing ViViEN™, your Virtual Value Engineer that operates within Ecosystems' Revenue Operating System (OS). Powered by advanced AI technology, ViViEN™ revolutionizes the way providers, partners, and customers collaborate to drive value.


Ecosystems’ Strategic Partnership with IDC

Win customers with a bulletproof business case

  • Support quantifications of value with IDC research and industry benchmarks
  • Boost confidence of both buyer AND seller with 3rd-party validation
  • Differentiate with CFOs/executive buyers by presenting as objective industry analysis versus provider messaging

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We are so confident that your organization will yield positive results with Ecosystems, that we provide a performance-backed guarantee. The amount of revenue earned is contingent on the delivery of successful business outcomes.

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