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Chad Quinn

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CEO and Co-Founder

Chad has led Ecosystems for more than 20 years. He has been recognized by Forrester Research as a leader in 21st-century selling. Profiled in The Wall Street Journal for his innovative sales models, Chad is sought out as an industry leader on customer value, leading CXO roundtable discussions nationwide. He has led keynote discussions with more than 400 executives on the full lifecycle of customer value management and has created the Customer Value Community with thousands of members representing 1,000+ companies. He is the co-inventor of a patent-pending algorithm that uses historic outcomes to intelligently recommend the focus of value conversations with new customers. Chad also hosts the Voice of Value podcast, giving listeners a seat at the table as he interviews leaders on the topic of value.

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Mike Plaskow

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CPO and Co-Founder

Michael’s passion for automation, AI, and scale found an ideal outlet in the form of B2B value selling, and ultimately, the formation ofEcosystems. Owning the product vision, design, and development of Ecosystems’ cloud platform, Michael has dedicated two decades to solutioning the intersection of scalable technology and the business process of value selling and value realization. He also leads the innovation for a patent-pending algorithm that uses historic outcomes to intelligently recommend the focus of value conversations with new customers. Although a technologist at heart, as chair of Ecosystems’ Client Advisory Board (CAB), Michael spends much of his time with customers large and small to understand current challenges and anticipate those to come.

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Kelly Davis-Stoudt

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Chief Financial Officer

Kelly Davis-Stoudt joined Ecosystems in 2023 as the Chief Financial Officer. Kelly brings over 30 years of financial leadership in both publicly traded, VC, and private equity backed SaaS technology companies. Kelly joins the Ecosystems’ leadership team to bring enhanced financial and strategic disciplines to the company to realize durable growth.

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Brent Adamson

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Global Head of Research, Advisory, & Communities

Brent Adamson is a world-renowned researcher, author, presenter, trainer, and advisor to B2B commercial executives around the world. Known as having the “biggest crystal ball in B2B sales,” Brent is the co-author of the best-selling, industry-changing The Challenger Sale and The Challenger Customer. He is also a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, featuring his recent articles,“Sensemaking for Sales” and “Traditional B2B Sales and Marketing Are Becoming Obsolete.” Passionate about “productive disruption,” Brent served as the “chief storyteller” for CEB, now Gartner’s, sales, marketing, and customer service practices, from 2003 to 2022, where he introduced industry-leading concepts such as Buyer Enablement, Sense-Making, and Customer Decision Confidence. Across the last 19 years, Brent has worked with some of the greatest thought leaders in B2B and B2C sales and marketing, building and leading exclusive communities of highly progressive commercial executives. Brent joins Ecosystems as Global Head of Research & Communities. In this critical role, Brent will lead the Value Advisory Ecosystem and the Customer Value Community, comprised of progressive sales leaders and value professionals from over 1,000 organizations, surfacing research and best practices for the ongoing evolution of Ecosystems’ SaaS platform.

Marissa Turner Leadership

Marissa Sherwin

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Chief of Staff

Marissa joined Ecosystems as Chief of Staff in 2020. Marissa’s diverse background in relationship building, operations, and research brings an important ‘jack of all trades’ toolset. Her experience in personality assessments and her high degree of emotional intelligence align well to Ecosystems human-first philosophy. She is extremely passionate about maximizing effectiveness across the organization andhelping Ecosystems’ customers and community members succeed. Marissa assists in process improvement, partnership development, sales strategy, and the execution of company goals.

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Jennifer Kamber

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Vice President of Customer Success

At Ecosystems, Jen oversees customer experience and operations. She has incorporated customer success throughout each of the functions across Ecosystems. She has a personal mission to help clients incorporate value realization into their own customer success methodologies. Prior to Ecosystems, Jen owned a business as well as started and led customer success teams.

Chris Arden

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Vice President of Marketing

With 20 years experience building integrated marketing programs for both start-ups and Fortune 500 brands, Chris offers a wealth of experience for growing companies. Chris is elevating Ecosystems’ voice and sharing the benefits of value management with companies ready for the change. By providing resources and a seamless user experience, Chris is supporting the lead to promote value management across the B2B industries.

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Alex Schrager

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Vice President of Sales

Alex Schrager joined Ecosystems in 2023 as the Vice President of Sales. At Ecosystems, he is responsible for educating customers on the challenges Ecosystems is uniquely positioned to solve and the value our solutions deliver. A veteran of the sales effectiveness industry, previous to Ecosystems, Alex spent seven years at Challenger Inc. (previously part of CEB, now Gartner) where he built and led teams focused on new client acquisition, retention, and growth. He also has experience working in the HR industry with professional services organizations.

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Gustavo Mendez

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Vice President of Software Development

Gustavo Mendez has been with Ecosystems since 2006, helping move software development forward. He took the lead as Vice President of Software Development in 2022. Gustavo has helped establish software roadmaps as we continue to enhance and build software capabilities. He has also owned the product development of several enterprise systems for Ecosystems’ clients.

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Our Mission

Your value made clear.
We find our own value by helping others find theirs.

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We Honor our Core Values and Principles.

Our values and principles are at our core. They provide the framework for how we operate with our community, our clients, and with each other on the Eco team. We firmly believe that winning is not winning if it sacrifices our principles or our values.

Our Values: We refer to our core values as R.I.C.H.E.S. Respect, Integrity, Courage, Honesty, Excellence, and Service.

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We seek out the opinions of others. We take the time to truly understand what the customer needs. We respond to internal or external requests same-day. We value each other’s time and take time to appreciate the work each of us does.



We do what we say. We are disciplined and follow through on our commitments. We strive to do what’s right.

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We challenge the status quo. We hold each other accountable. We stretch in our own professional development.

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We communicate honestly, openly, and effectively. We conduct candid self-assessments on our performance. We provide important information in addition to the requested information.

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We produce superior quality work. We are proactive and act with urgency to deliver results. We are empowered, take risks, and learn from our experiences. We measure success by our results, not our deliverables.

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We go above and beyond to help our teammates and our customers. We offer our talents and time to help others in the community.

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