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Ecosystems’ Collaborative Success Plan (CSP) is a comprehensive 24/7 cloud-based solution that empowers both providers and customers to achieve goals together and continuously align on priorities and partnership performance.

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Strategic priorities

Focus on What Matters Most

In the fast-paced world of B2B, it's crucial to stay focused on your customer’s top priorities. With the CSP, you can align your strategic direction from the very beginning when onboarding a new customer and maintain ongoing conversations through value reviews. Revalidate priorities regularly to ensure you're always on track. Let the CSP help you stay on top of what truly matters to customers.

CSP Priorities Screen
roadmap and next steps screen

Charting the Path to Success

Having the right North Star is essential, but it's equally important to have a clear roadmap to get there. The CSP provides you with a framework to map out a proven process and path to customer success for delivering on priorities, mitigating risks, and ensuring positive business outcomes. Outline specific steps and break down responsibilities to create a focused plan that paves the way for a successful partnership.

Performance Metrics

Tracking Progress and Winning Together

How will you know if you're making progress? The CSP empowers you with performance metrics that clearly indicate whether you're winning or losing in terms of achieving your customer’s priorities. Our easy-to-understand red/yellow/green system helps identify areas of strong performance and areas that need improvement. With the CSP, you can ensure your performance reaches new heights!

CSP KPI Charts
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CSP Insights and Innovations Screen

Insights & Innovations

Driving Future Growth

The CSP grants you the opportunity to grow together with your customers. You can take a deeper dive into your customer’s organization—across departments, divisions, or regions—and uncover untapped collaboration potential. Together, you can identify areas where you can repeat the cycle of success, delivering even greater value and innovation to your customers.


When you continuously align solutions to your customer's top priorities with the CSP, clients have seen positive business outcomes:

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Increase in
Close rates

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In cross-sell/upsell

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increase in customer retention

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