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Take your marketing performance to the next level. Our Web Value Calculator is a powerful way to help you engage, educate, and qualify leads on your website.

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Highlight Key
Performance Indicators

Showcase the business value of your offerings by providing prospects with a customized overview of key performance indicators.

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Arm Your Champion & Your Sales Team

Your customer champion will receive polished assets to share internally, and your marketing and sales teams will get insights into what matters most for value-based discovery conversations.

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Build Credibility

With a library of over 5,000 pre-built CVA templates customizable by industry, product, competition, and more, sellers can start customer conversations with a credible talk track and baseline with IDC’s objective market insights.

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Executive-Ready Reports

Automatically generate credible output reports for your team to use in C-level conversations. These executive-ready, branded reports are highly customized and available in Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and PDF.


With Ecosystems' Web Value Calculator, B2B SaaS Marketing Teams can:

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More Leads

by embedding our Web Value Calculator directly in your website

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Execute Value-Based Campaigns

by utilizing lead data captured on your website for demand gen campaigns

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Leverage our Partnership with IDC

to benchmark value assumptions with proven research

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Benefit from Automation

that converts a lead-generation interaction into a more detailed Sales Value Assessment

Push Lead Data
Directly Into Your CRM

Leverage prebuilt interfaces to push data into your existing CRM and marketing automation platforms

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