Scale Customer Value by 10x

Diagram showing the left to right, 5-step process of: Research, Compose, Predict, Coach and Expand.

Research, Compose, Automate, and Optimize Value

Experience the game-changing capabilities of ViViEN™, the Virtual Value Engineer. Leveraging AI technology, ViViEN™ enables providers, partners, and customers to research, compose, automate, and optimize value like never before. Say goodbye to generic messaging and say hello to tailored value-driven outcomes. With ViViEN™, you have the power to transform every conversation into a catalyst for success.

ViViEN screen showing the search ability to search value libraries

Researching the value libraries

Communicate True Business Value

Discover how ViViEN™ leverages generative AI to automate industry research and create a comprehensive library of benefit templates known as Value Drivers. Say goodbye to struggling with communicating business value. ViViEN™ shifts customer conversations from a focus on features to exploring the true value your solutions offer.

Composing value conversations

Tailor Your Value Propositions

With ViViEN™'s well-researched Value Driver Library, every buyer/seller conversation becomes highly relevant. Contextualize interactions based on industry, business objectives, or buyer roles, ensuring no valuable opportunities are missed. Empower your business to precisely tailor value propositions to the needs and aspirations of each customer.

ViViEN screen showing the ability to draw out relevant financial results
ViViEN screen showing the "Ask ViViEN" panel

Your Virtual Value Engineer

ViViEN™ acts as your indispensable virtual value engineer, providing continual guidance within your CRM (Salesforce, MS Dynamics). No background in value-based selling or financial metrics? Not a problem. ViViEN™ calibrates inputs, measures user engagement, and performs audits of financial metrics, providing the support sellers need without leaving their CRM platform.

Maximize Your Efficiency

For customers who prefer self-management on their value journey, ViViEN™ is the ultimate ally. It assists in identifying desired business outcomes, recommends suitable solutions and capabilities offered by providers, quantifies the potential value of new investments, and tracks the actual value realized. ViViEN™ empowers customers to take control of their own success by providing valuable insights and recommendations throughout their journey.

ViViEN screen showing ViViEN as a virtual value engineer
ViViEN screen showing how ViViEN can show you relevant insights and analytics data


Unlock Analytics and Insights

Integrate ViViEN™ with your CRM and customer telemetry data to unlock valuable analytics and insights. By analyzing outcomes and growth associated with all value conversations, ViViEN™ identifies patterns of content consumption and user activity that lead to revenue growth for the provider and tangible value for the customer. These invaluable insights inform future provider collaborations with similar customers, enabling businesses to continually optimize and enhance their value delivery.

Experience Value as a Journey

With ViViEN™, value becomes more than just an event—it becomes a journey. ViViEN™ seamlessly connects to Ecosystems, ensuring value creation is a continuous process. Benefit from our 24x7 virtual Customer Success Manager capabilities, embedded within your solution, to provide exceptional self-service customer experiences. Embrace a future where every conversation centers around value-driven outcomes and unlock your business's true potential with ViViEN™ as your trusted partner.

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