Take Your Offerings to the Next Level

Transform the way you deliver value to customers with Eco Web Services. Our API framework empowers you to embed a value experience directly into your product or customer portal.

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Strengthen Customer Partnerships

Establish and grow customer partnerships by coupling product consumption with quantified business value through Eco Web Services. Leverage pre-built cloud services and APIs to convert telemetric feeds of product usage into customer-centric insights on value realized. This invaluable information will not only help you retain your existing customers but also attract new ones.

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Your "Digital Customer Success Manager (CSM)"

Empower your customers with an automated and self-guided experience, just like having a "digital CSM." Eco Web Services allows your customers to make informed decisions by:

Quantifying the business value of currently deployed solutions
Simulating the added value of deploying new solutions that are not under contract
Creating an aggregate view of projected value that combines the value realized from current solutions and the progressive value of new offerings

Strategic accounts

Instill Customer Confidence

For your strategic accounts, we offer a shared workspace that streamlines the entire process, from pre-sales discussions to post-sale tracking of value realized. Eco Web Services helps you protect and grow accounts by:

Inheriting a continuation of the pre-sales value conversation as the foundation for post-sale tracking of value realized
Collaborating and consenting on customer-specific quantifications of value based on unique product use cases


Gain Valuable Insights to Grow Your Accounts

With Eco Web Services, we help marketing and product teams gain valuable insights and grow your accounts by:

Harvesting benchmarks and proof points on delivered value across accounts and by industry
Upselling customers by quantifying the benefits of transitioning from one solution tier to another (e.g., upgrading from standard to enterprise)
Feeding telemetry data into models of unlicensed solutions to support value-driven cross-selling campaigns
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Easy to Use in Your Existing Technology Stack

Leverage prebuilt interfaces to push data into your existing CRM, CSM, and marketing automation platforms

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