At HP, they strive not only to improve their customers’ technology through personal systems, printers, and 3D printing solutions,

They also strive to make the world a better place through their value in climate change, human rights, and digital equity.

HP is a leader in the technology industry, with a net revenue of 16.5 billion dollars in their 2022 second quarter alone and over 55,000 employees.

HP holds innovation high in their values, which is what led to their interest in Ecosystems’ collaborative value management platform and the impact that it could have on their win rates.

Ecosystems as the Solution

The Ecosystems platform allows our customers to be able to demonstrate the value of their products and services upfront to their customers through both qualitative and quantitative measurements. Additionally, because the Ecosystems platform is collaborative, our customers like HP are able to customize the platform to the specific needs of their customers, which has a measurable impact.

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The partnership with Ecosystems has been tremendous because without them, we would not see our win rates increasing as much as they have been.

Former Global Vice President of Services & Solutions at HP

Data-Driven Results

The direct impact on new deals and win results that the Ecosystems platform has had on HP is undeniable. Before Ecosystems, the win rates at HP Managed Print Services (MPS) were at 36.45%, but with the implementation of the Ecosystems platform, those numbers increased to 70.09%. That results in over 92% increase in win rates.

HP MPS Win Rate on New Deals

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Without Ecosystems

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With Ecosystems

The results don’t stop there. Without Ecosystems, the win rates at HP Print Services (PS) landed at 43%, but with the addition of the platform, the win rates skyrocketed to 97%. This is over a 125% improvement to the HP PS win rates on new deals.

HP PS Win Rate on New Deals

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Without Ecosystems

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With Ecosystems

Jonathan Nikols sums it up best, explaining “The core reason that these results have happened is because we were able to identify that value upfront in our sales cycles, which we weren’t doing previously.”

It is clear that identifying your value early on in the sales cycle through the help of Ecosystems’ collaborative customer value management platform has an undeniable impact on customer success.

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