At McAfee, they work to provide online protection focused on serving people through cybersecurity. McAfee holds a strong emphasis on the protection of individuals, not just the devices themselves, working to help people feel confident online. With over 6,000 employees and revenue totaling upwards of one billion dollars, McAfee has a large customer base that they need to provide for, making customer success and value management crucial to their success. This is why McAfee turned to Ecosystems.

All sales representatives today often sound the same and state how they are the best solution, but the hard part is really proving how your platform has value, explained Wesley Harrison, Senior Strategic Account Manager at McAfee. This is what led Harrison to start looking for a program that would break the status quo in demonstrating value.

Ecosystems as the Solution

At Ecosystems, we provide you with a collaborative customer value management platform that allows you to quantify your value to your customers both in qualitative and quantitative measurements. Due to this collaborative aspect, you can work to personalize the platform to each of your customer specific needs.

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“Once we started talking to Ecosystems and learning more about the capability and the platform, we realized that this was something that was CIO worthy”

Senior Strategic Account Manager at McAfee

Ecosystems’ Revenus OS allowed McAfee to gain new intelligence on their customers and learn more about what their customers really need and how McAfee can help them achieve their goals. Not only that, but once McAfee gave their customers access to the platform, their customers were able to have more control over their value story and specific needs.

We decided to turn over the platform to the customer and allow them to further tailor it to what they needed to present to the CIO.

Senior Strategic Account Manager

Data-Driven Results

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$3.6M Deal

Selling Essentially All Solutions to Customer

Due to the functionality of the platform, not only was McAfee was able to complete a $3.6 million dollar deal with a customer, it also helped them displace their fiercest competitor and provided an opportunity to sell them almost every solution they had at their company.

“Without Ecosystems, I know we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did. We would not have gotten the deal. Without being able to prove the value of our solutions, you’re just another sales rep.” – Wesley Harrison, Senior Strategic Account Manager at McAfee

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