The main mission of HP is to drive innovation, and they do this through their technology products, including personal computers/monitors, printers, and 3D printing solutions. With over 50,000 employees and a net revenue of $16.5 billion dollars in their fiscal 2022 second quarter alone, it is clear that their impact on innovation is significant. With innovation being a large priority for the company, HP was looking to step up their game and innovate their sales forces and sales processes when they turned to the help of Ecosystems.

As a premium brand in the market, HP does not settle when it comes to their products and their customers, which is why they were looking for ways to transform their sales process. With the help of Ecosystems’ collaborative customer value management program, we were able to help them do just that.

How Ecosystems Helps HP Improve Their Sales Process

By using Ecosystems’ collaborative customer value management platform, HP was able to rebuild its sales process to include one-third of giving the key service-level agreement (SLA) performance, with the other two-thirds focusing on where HP could go with their customer together. This is made possible through the collaborative element of the Ecosystems platform, as it works to demonstrate both qualitative and quantitative measurements of value realization.

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Just one example of this process in action, as discussed by Grad Rosenbaum, Vice President General Manager at HP, is when they presented their security offering to a major healthcare organization through the Ecosystems platform.

With the ability to show the Chief Security Officer exactly where the remediation would be required and consistent check-ins to show how they had achieved their goals, Rosenbaum states, “We turned this from something that was of little value to a best case that they shared around the organization.”

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“Today we are bringing new value to the table that is enabling us to win deals even when we’re not the lowest cost offering in the process.”

Vice President General Manager, HP

Proven Results

Through the use of the Ecosystems platform, HP has been able to increase their win rates 15%, making their overall win rate in the mid-70s in their management service offerings. On top of this, their expansion in clients has grown over 30% since the adoption of the platform, as well as enabled them to be able to drive renewals without RFPs.

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Increase in Win Rates

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Over 70%

Overall Win Rate

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Growth Rate in Expansion

But it doesn’t stop there. One of Grad Rosenbaum’s favorite things about the adoption of the Ecosystems platform is the impact it has on their clients. “I have so many examples of clients that have grown their careers because they’ve been able to show the value of their work with HP,” says Grad Rosenbaum. This is all due to the Ecosystems platform.

The collaborative aspect of the Ecosystems platform not only has a positive impact on our clients, but on the customers of our clients.

For 8 plus years, Ecosystems has been a terrific partner.

Vice President General Manager, HP

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