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Spark: Ecosystems' Quickstart Program

Are you looking for a fast and simple way to scale your value selling efforts? With Spark, Ecosystems’ quickstart program, you can ignite your journey to scalable value selling in as little as two weeks.


How Does it Work?

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Select your flagship product or service

Pick two deals: One must-win deal that you are trying to close in-quarter, and a second that you are trying to retain for a must-keep account.

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Send us your company logo & branding

After sending your logo, branding, value content or a representative model of your value messaging needs, we will port it into the Ecosystems Revenue Operating System (OS).

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Work with our Value Consultants to define a set of joint success criteria at a kickoff meeting with Ecosystems

Activate five pilot users (at least one sales/value team user and at least one customer success user) for a three-month time frame.


Attend weekly checkpoint meetings

We’ll check in on a weekly basis to teach you best practices and optimize your platform use. Our team of value experts is always available to ensure you’re getting the most out of the platform.

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Success! After three months, evolve your program

To serve a larger group of sales and customer success professionals based on demonstrated impact.

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“It’s super easy and quick! With Ecosystems’ business cases, you can readily attach it to the opportunities.”

Fortune 50 Senior Salesforce Analyst

Push Lead Data
Directly Into Your CRM

Leverage prebuilt interfaces to push data into your existing CRM and marketing automation platforms

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Access the Full Checklist

Ready to start your value realization journey? Kickstart your Spark launch by downloading the checklist below:

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