Explore Your Customer's Strategic Objectives

The Discovery module guides you through a consultative journey tailored to your customer’s unique needs. Empower your presales and sales team to identify, prioritize, and achieve your customer’s business objectives.

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Illuminate Your Customer's Strategic Priorities

Identify a clear set of objectives to ensure a shared understanding of your customer’s strategic priorities. With Discovery, collaboratively assess the degree of importance associated with objectives. Interactive sliders provide a visual representation, allowing you to gauge the weight of each objective accurately. Additionally, built-in industry benchmarks enable you to compare your customer’s perspective with peers in similar companies and industries.

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Uncover Obstacles and Explore Solutions

Delve into the specific challenges hindering your customer’s progress. By recognizing problems aligned with objectives, dynamic fields reveal relevant solution bundles designed to address your customer’s specific challenges. This seamless connection between your customer’s obstacles and your portfolio offerings showcases the revenue opportunities your solutions can unlock. With our consultative approach, Discovery bridges the gap between your customer’s problems and the transformative capabilities you can bring to the table.

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Quantify Success and Drive Results

Before diving into pricing and investments, it's crucial to quantify the value you can deliver. By assessing current effectiveness and understanding the potential business impact of improving or delivering on each outcome, buyers and sellers gain a comprehensive view of growth opportunities. This quantification of success forms the basis for strategic decision-making, ensuring that your partnerships deliver tangible and measurable value.

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Unlocking the Full Potential of Discovery

Discovery provides a valuable leave-behind resource. Through a comprehensive overview chart, visualize the effectiveness and impact of your outcomes to gain a clear understanding of where to focus efforts and resources. Highlight priority objectives with low effectiveness but high impact to drive significant results. Additionally, identify opportunities where high effectiveness meets low impact. Guide customers on optimizing their investments for smarter spending, maximizing returns, and achieving greater efficiencies.


With Ecosystems' Discovery module, B2B teams:

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Stand Out From Competition

Set yourself apart from your competition with insightful conversations from the start

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Evolve Customer Relationships

With the data on your side, turn your customer relationships into trusted partnerships

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Understand Customer Priorities

Better understand your customer's needs, preferences, pain points, and what they perceive as valuable

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Validate Customers and Grow

Make customers feel heard and understood, in-turn drive revenue growth

Push Lead Data
Directly Into Your CRM

Leverage prebuilt interfaces to push data into your existing CRM and marketing automation platforms

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