At Google Cloud, they strive to help improve the IT infrastructure of their customers. They offer a suite of cloud computing services that can help their customers save both time and money, and the changes that they bring to your IT infrastructure can be seen throughout the entire business. With over 10,000 employees and an annual revenue in the tens of billions, it is clear that their products and services have a large impact on the SaaS market. However, they noticed that improvement could be made in their ability to communicate value realization to their customers.

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It is often challenging to demonstrate to customers how their products will achieve value realization, thereby improving overall customer success. That is why Google Cloud turned to Ecosystems and our customer value management platform.

Former VP & GM, Global Industry Solutions at Google Cloud

Ecosystems as the Solution

Our customer value management platform here at Ecosystems helps our customers to demonstrate value realization to their customers through both qualitative and quantitative measurements. The collaborative aspect of our platform allows you to work with your customers to ensure that their needs are being met and that the right growth is happening in the right way.

Eric Ranta, Director of North America Cloud Value & Transformation Advisors at Google Cloud, says that being able to demonstrate the business benefit that customers are receiving and the financial result of the use of Google Cloud’s products is crucial. It helps them to earn the right to have a conversation with potential and current customers.

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At Ecosystems, our platform allows you to do exactly that, helping our customers to not only prove value realization, but increase customer success and retention, which is why Ranta is a proud Raving Fan of Ecosystems’ platform.

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“If you give the customer success manager, whether they are proficient at this or whether it’s completely new to them, if you give them the tools and an approach to follow then it gives them the right to have the conversation with the customer.”

Director, North America Cloud Value and Transformation Advisors at Google Cloud

Ecosystems’ platform helps Google Cloud to stand out among its competitors through its ability to prove value realization with data measurements in our platform, and Lori Mitchell-Keller has seen a positive response from their customers in their ability to demonstrate this.

“Our customers are responding really positively in terms of our ability to help them understand how they can realize value that can translate into customer success.”

Former VP & GM, Global Industry Solutions at Google Cloud

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