The Voice of Value Podcast

Episode 18: Speaking the Truth–Technology in the Human Experience

Featuring: Allison Pickens, COO of Gainsight

“This is probably the most fun conversation I've ever had on a podcast - and I've had some fun ones! We cover how to create human-first technology and other leadership topics.” - Allison Pickens

In this Voice of Value podcast episode, Allison Pickens, COO of Gainsight, discusses technology in the human experience.

  • [1:08] – Allison being brave and speaking the truth on how most people feel about technology in the human experience.
  • [2:20] – A childhood grown in a vibrant ecosystem and the feeling of groundedness in nature.
  • [3:22] – “I notice that the way in which we often approach technology, doesn’t recognize the essential interplay between people and nature, and doesn’t always put the person in the forefront of the kind of experience that we’re looking to create—or maybe even in a broader human notion of how humans should exist—I think, just isn’t at the forefront.”
  • [3:50] – Tactical examples of how our experience with technology doesn’t always put the human first.
  • [4:44] – Is the future with technology alienation, loneliness, and lack of community?
  • [5:08] – Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr, on the importance of technology addressing human needs.
  • [5:30] – How the Amish adopt technology.
  • [6:17] – “We need to become better connected to nature and better connected to each other, and technology should be enabling that.”
  • [6:35] – How to manifest a balance and connection between humans, nature, and technology in a company.
  • [7:39] – The way to bridge the gap between the value delivery of a product and delivering on a human need.
  • [9:12] – What “Success for All” means in the purpose of a business and how company leaders (CEOs and investors) need to not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk.
  • [11:29] – “As a woman in our modern-day work environment, do you still carry things that people don’t see?”
  • [15:29] – Where Allison has found her voice of value.
  • [17:38] – Customer Success bravery in being prescriptive with clients.
  • [18:30] – How we need to be braver and Allison’s personal journey