Micro Focus is a technology company that strives to help their customers improve and simplify their IT solutions.

However, Micro Focus is always looking for ways to improve, which is what led them to Ecosystems.

Micro Focus wanted to improve their sales strategy and not only increase their close rates for customers, but also increase the overall pace of their ability to close customer deals. This is where Ecosystems and our collaborative customer value management platform comes in.

Ecosystems as the Solution

With the Ecosystems platform, our customers are able to demonstrate to their customers the value that their products and services will hold for their company, both in quantitative and qualitative measurements. The ability to prove value realization is what sets Ecosystems apart and makes the Ecosystems’ platform a standout to companies like Micro Focus.

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Ecosystems’ platform helps Micro Focus close deals quicker by providing them with the data they need to prove to their customers that their products hold value.

Tom Ament

“The more robust your conversation, the more robust your return on investment and business case, the more that bleeds through to the way that customer talks internally, the simpler it is for them to get to a decision point.”

President of North America at Micro Focus, now OpenText

Data-Driven Results

Without the Ecosystems' platform, their close rate was at 27%, but with the use of the platform, it was brought up to 49%. That is an over 81% increase in close rates as a direct result of our platform. On top of this, Micro Focus has also seen an improvement in both win rates and deal sizes since partnering with Ecosystems, as well as their ability to drive the pace of the conversation with their customers.

Simply put by Tom Ament, “When we incorporate this concept, and we incorporate this better view of stakeholders and value, we get a result.”

Micro Focus Win Rate on New Deals

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Without Ecosystems

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With Ecosystems

The partnership with Ecosystems has been incredibly valuable for us.

President of North America at Micro Focus, now OpenText

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