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Decoding B2B Sales: Bridging Divides


In the dynamic landscape of B2B marketing and sales, Brent Adamson, the Global Head of Research, Advisory, and Communities at Ecosystems, shares invaluable insights gathered over his 20-year journey. Despite the diverse industries, geographies, and roles he has encountered, one recurring theme stands out—the tendency for businesses to believe they are fundamentally different. In this blog post, we explore Brent's perspective on the power of finding common ground and the often-overlooked human element in B2B interactions.

The Illusion of Uniqueness

Brent highlights a common scenario at the onset of many advisory conversations. Executives express their belief that their company, culture, and challenges are uniquely distinct. However, what follows is a revelation—a shared narrative that echoes across industries. This, Brent argues, is a powerful lesson in realizing that, despite perceived differences, businesses and individuals share more similarities than differences.

Overlooking the Common Bonds

As businesses gear up for 2024, Brent observes a growing trend towards verticalization—tailoring go-to-market strategies to specific industry verticals. While specialization has its merits, he warns against overlooking the common challenges that bind diverse sets of customers. The human side of B2B interactions, Brent suggests, often transcends industry boundaries. It's the challenge of aligning diverse perspectives, objectives, and tactics—a challenge rooted in our shared humanity.

The Human Side of B2B

Delving deeper, Brent contends that the struggle in B2B transactions isn't solely due to industry intricacies but rather a universal human challenge. Whether in manufacturing or financial services, the difficulty lies in aligning the objectives of a group of individuals. Understanding the human element, he asserts, allows businesses to connect better across dimensions, fostering common understanding and perspective.

Reimagining Strategy

While acknowledging the value of a verticalized strategy, Brent urges businesses to reconsider their focus. Instead of solely emphasizing differences, he suggests exploring the power of shared experiences and challenges. The goal isn't just to excel in specific industries but to guide fellow human beings on their journey to overcome challenges, irrespective of industry verticals.

Empathy as a Growth Driver

In the quest for differentiation, Brent proposes a shift in perspective. Rather than banking solely on specialized uniqueness, businesses should recognize the power of a common bond. This, he believes, leads to not only a more empathetic approach but also better-informed buying decisions and, ultimately, sustainable growth.


As we navigate the complexities of B2B interactions, Brent Adamson's insights shed light on a fundamental truth—we are more alike than different. Heading into 2024, businesses are encouraged to look beyond the illusion of uniqueness and tap into the power of shared experiences. By understanding the human side of B2B, organizations can foster connections that go beyond industry boundaries, driving growth through empathy and shared understanding.

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