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Co-Defining Customer Value

Today, more than ever before, customers expect a more personalized and collaborative experience. They expect their vendors to do more than sell a product–they expect solution providers to become trusted business partners. To achieve this, solution providers have shifted their focus from product features to customer value. When creating customer value, no voice is more important than that of the customers themselves. As a result, creating value should be a collaborative process that you conduct alongside your customer. We call this customer value co-creation. In this blog post, we explain how co-creating value with your customers can set you apart from your competition, drive revenue growth, and turn your customer relationships into trusted partnerships. We also provide practical steps to get started with value co-creation in your organization.

What is Customer Value and Why it Matters

Creating an effective customer value journey is key to securing loyal customers and building a network of brand advocates. The term customer value refers to the perceived benefit a customer receives from your solution, relative to its cost. Ultimately, customer value is what differentiates solutions from one another–and it can make or break customer satisfaction and loyalty. Understanding and delivering customer value is essential to helping your business stay relevant and ahead of the curve in a fast-paced and highly competitive market. By delivering value that exceeds customer expectations (and communicating that value in a clear and quantifiable way), you can build trust, establish a loyal customer base, create ardent brand advocates, and ultimately drive growth through repeat business and new revenue streams. To learn more, see Why You Should Care About the Customer Value Journey.

Why Value Co-Creation is Critical to Your Brand’s Success

Value co-creation is when organizations work together with their customers to create value, ensuring a more meaningful, personalized, and collaborative experience. Co-creating value with customers allows businesses to better understand their customers’ needs, preferences, and pain points. Value co-creation further enhances customer engagement and satisfaction, ensuring your customers feel heard and understood. This in turn drives loyalty and repeat business, as customers are more likely to choose a brand that they feel truly understands and meets their needs. Furthermore, value co-creation cultivates a sense of collaboration and trust between you and your customers.

3 Ways to Get Started with Co-Defining Customer Value

There are a few ways to collaboratively co-create value with your customers, and it starts with co-defining what value means to your target customer. The following steps illustrate how you can begin to co-create value by starting with a shared definition of value.

1. Conduct a customer value analysis

First, you’ll need to conduct a customer value analysis focused on gathering first-party data and insights about what your target customers value most, their expectations, and their pain points and preferences. Your goal with a customer value analysis is to deeply understand what drives your customers’ satisfaction and retention–and derive actionable insights from this knowledge. A customer value analysis includes examining your customer feedback, analyzing your customer behavior, and measuring the impact of various factors on customer satisfaction. The key is to gather as much information as possible about your customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviors–and their motivations for choosing your offering over your competitors. While there are many ways to conduct a customer value analysis, it is most important to engage your customers directly in this process. To learn more, see how to conduct an effective customer value analysis.

2. Leverage the findings to take smart, meaningful action

Once you’ve completed a customer value analysis, you’ll need to determine what actions will make the most impact. Start by analyzing the data from your customer value analysis, looking for patterns and insights that can inform your customer value proposition. For example, which features are most important to your customers? What are their pricing expectations relative to the value you provide? What are their biggest pain points and unmet needs? You can further use your co-definition of customer value to inform your product development, marketing, and customer service strategies. For example, by directly understanding what your customers value, you might focus on improving the features that are most important to them or offer more personalized and tailored solutions.

3. Refine your customer journey management strategy accordingly

Finally, use customer input to refine your customer journey management strategy–from awareness and consideration to purchase and post-purchase. By aligning your customer journey management strategy with the insights from your customers, you can ensure that each touchpoint is optimized to deliver value as your customer perceives it. Keep in mind that value co-creation is an ongoing process. It is important to regularly review and update your value proposition in response to changing customer preferences and market conditions. To learn more, see 7 questions to refocus your customer journey management strategy.


Co-creating value with your customers is a critical component of your organization’s success. That’s because, ultimately, value co-creation is about establishing a collaborative and trusting relationship between your brand and your customers. By understanding what drives customer value, you deliver relevant and valuable solutions to your customers – and keep them coming back to your organization time and time again. For more information about co-creating value with your customers, we invite you to get in touch with our team of experts. We are here, ready to help. Not ready to chat yet? Learn how to get started by understanding the customer value journey and building your customer value proposition.

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