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Brent Adamson, World-Renowned Researcher and Co-author of The Challenger Sale, Joins Ecosystems Software

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Adamson’s community leadership and research to drive Ecosystems’ platform innovation

WASHINGTON, D.C. – APRIL 26, 2022 – Ecosystems, the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for collaborative customer value management, announces Brent Adamson in a first-of-its-kind role as Global Head of Research & Communities. Co-author of the international best-selling books The Challenger Sale and The Challenger Customer, Adamson is a preeminent thought leader on B2B selling and buying, whose continued research will advance the innovation of Ecosystems’ best-in-class software.

A core responsibility of Adamson will be leading Ecosystems’ communities, composed of over 700 progressive leaders from marketing, sales, value management, and customer success. In this role, he will continue his success in fostering the learning, sharing, and cutting-edge research required to navigate the ever-changing landscape of enterprise commerce. For Ecosystems’ customers, practical insights are also packaged as in-app guidance to reinforce best practices and improve buyer-seller interactions, including:

  • Automatic recommendations of specific content, based on customer characteristics
  • ‘Leading Indicator’ alerts on opportunity health, based on value assessment activity
  • Guardrails for effective value proposition design, including the appropriate number and threshold for financial metrics such as ROI and cost-of-delay
  • Measures of value assessment activity to monitor progress through sales funnels
  • Community benchmarking on emerging best practices

“After spending the last two decades researching, community building, teaching, advising, speaking, and writing on the intersection of B2B selling and buying, I’m excited to join Ecosystems as an ideal home to continue that work. Its powerful software platform will facilitate and expand both the scope and execution of my work in all sorts of really exciting ways,” says Adamson. “More importantly, I’m coming to Ecosystems because our values and objectives are 1,000% aligned: To make the world a better place through a deeper understanding of human interaction and ultimately to help both companies and individuals make their value clearer.”

“Today marks a big day for Ecosystems, our community members, and our customers,” says Ecosystems’ Co-Founder and CEO, Chad Quinn. “As the creator of the only community dedicated to the full customer value lifecycle, we now combine on-demand cutting edge research, insight, and advice from a global thought leader with our best-in-class SaaS platform. We couldn’t be more excited to have Brent join the leadership team and build out the many new ways we can now provide a totally unique customer experience”

“As a current customer of Ecosystems,” says Rick Congdon, President of Worldwide Sales at Palo Alto Networks, “I am very excited by this announcement. The Palo Alto Networks sellers will now have on-demand, guided digital coaching developed from Brent’s expertise and research embedded in the same platform they use to collaborate with their customers on value.”

Adamson joins Ecosystems at an exciting time, after a record-breaking financial performance in 2021.

About Ecosystems:

Ecosystems is the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for collaborative customer value management. From sales to customer success, providers leverage Ecosystems to quantify and align with customers on the business value being delivered. Through AI-driven analytics and integrations like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Gainsight, and HubSpot, individual value conversations are transformed into a centralized cloud asset for improved decisions throughout the organization. Learn how leading companies such as Google Cloud, Palo Alto Networks, and ServiceNow use Ecosystems at

​​About the Customer Value Community (CVC): Ecosystems’ CVC is the fastest growing community dedicated to collaborative customer value management, with over 700 members and 350+ companies represented. Learn more about joining the CVC here.

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